Highly successful individuals and households have insurance needs that exceed basic coverage levels offered by mid-market carriers.

No one is better positioned to review these coverage needs than personal-lines agents who often have a decade of experience developing custom solutions for their clients.

The team at Hello-Broker is building premium software for high-end producers who want to pair unique domain knowledge with a modern client experience.

Product Features

Seamless Data Collection

Highly successful clients are often time-impoverished.  We help you collect underwriting data in an unobtrusive matter with a user-experience designed for the private-client space. 

Self-Service Client Education

The Modern Consumer wants to research a buying decision before getting on the phone. Our sales-enablement tool guides your client through the value of private-client insurance options so you can have more important conversations when they are ready to talk.

Branded Tools to Engage COIs

We find that many personal lines agents work with financial advisors to find new leads. We give you tools to share with these centers-of-influence that differentiate your firm and scale this line of business.